Top 5 Israeli Songs

Israeli music, much like the people, is hard to define! With varying genres, styles, languages and slang used – here is my opinion on songs that have crushed the Israeli charts!

Golden Boy / Nadav Guedj

Released in 2015, Golden Boy was written and chosen to represent Israel in the annual Eurovision Song Contest. This track marked the first Israeli submission to have lyrics entirely in English – yet was a good decision as Guedj finished in 9th place in the contest. 3 years later Golden Boy is still a hit with Israelis AND Americans to enjoy the words and rhythm!

Toy / Netta

Similar to Golden Boy, Toy was Israel’s submission for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest – and this track WON the entire contest! With the awards wrapping up in May, this song was continuously on repeat throughout Israel this past summer as everyone was proud of their country’s success. The track is entirely in English as well – which may have helped their success for the upbeat and catchy track! *AND* Eurovision 2019 now gets to be held in Tel Aviv!


Tel Aviv / Omer Adam

Released in 2013, Omer Adam combined “Mizrahi” style (Oriental-Middle Eastern) with pop culture to create this instant top hit. Spoken in Hebrew, Adam uses Israeli slang to describe Israel’s growing LGBT scene – but the “Tel Aviv” lyric always stands out and makes it a fun song to play when in the energetic and lively city.


Tudo Bom / Static and Ben El Tavori

The hit of 2017, Tudo Bom, which is Portuguese for ‘everything is good’, has been noted as breaking the record of plays per day throughout Israeli radio after being played 66 times in less than 1 day!! The Israeli music duo has been all over the charts for the past couple years, but this song was one that the Israelis loved to show the Americans and dance to at the bar.


Hatikva 6

While in Israel, I was lucky enough to actually attend a Hatikva 6 concert. Bus 13 was lucky enough to be in Tel Aviv over the annual ‘Taglit Week’ and come together with dozens of other Birthright groups for the event. The band is comprised of 6 young Israeli’s, and while the majority of the words are completely in Hebrew we all enjoyed their reggaeton style despite not understanding any words.


And if you like these, check out this play list for your next Israeli jam sesh!


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