Addressing Personal Anti-Semitism

Hummus Where the Heart Is has grown to be a place of self-reflection, a creative outlet, emotional relief and so much more. Since I began this journey I have worked specifically to incorporate the ideals of Judaism into my life and activities as often as I can, and each day I am prouder to be... Continue Reading →


Reflection of Pittsburgh Massacre

While this isn’t the subject of content I originally planned for this week, this is the crazy spontaneity of the world, and this week it is in regards to a tragedy. On Saturday, 11 people were killed in an attack of anti-semitism in Pittsburgh. I am in shock at the hatred toward our community and... Continue Reading →

Mazel Tov, You’re a Woman!

    To me, Hummus Where the Heart Is has become a place for personal reflection and immersion of the Jewish culture into my everyday life. And today, October 2nd, 2018 marks the 8 year anniversary of my traditional B’nai Mitzvah, a sacred occasion to take my place as an adult in the Jewish community.... Continue Reading →

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