Welcome to Hummus Where the Heart Is



Welcome to Hummus Where the Heart Is

An online destination where travel stories meet life at home, and how culture and religion can shape your personal interactions, involvement in student organizations, jobs and internships, and an overall appreciation for different norms around the world.

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About Laura

This summer I was lucky enough to engage on a once-in-a-lifetime, 3 week journey throughout the country of Israel. And let me cut to the chase – every Jewish teen is given 1 “all expenses paid” trip to Israel as their “right of birth into Judaism,” although little did I know how vast my experience on the Birthright Israel program would alter my perspective on world travel, religion, culture and leave me craving more.

I grew up in a majority Jewish community, but I will also be the first to admit that my immediate family was not the best at holding Friday night Shabbat, keeping kosher, fasting for Yom Kippur or attending services at temple on the high holidays compared to some of the people around me. My experience on Birthright showed me that there is so much more to Israel than just Judaism; but the kindness and strength of the Israeli people radiate and their passion towards food, art and history have motivated me to bring these norms back into my life.

On this site my updates will vary between previous reflections of Israel-specific culinary favorites, the best hiking views, and the must-see attractions. Then to my current day-to-day life as I participate in opportunities to support and connect with the Jewish community around me. I will also be sharing how those 3 weeks abroad sparked my interest in other world travel and how I am preparing to spend next semester traveling the beautiful Florence, Italy!



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