Israel Defense Forces Battlefield Ethics by Students Supporting Israel at the University of Iowa

When to use a weapon in a violent crowd? What to do when a child is in front of a target? How to navigate the militaristic, yet community-based, terrain on the Gaza strip?   Students Supporting Israel is an international organization that advocates for Israeli culture, community and its military on over 45 college campuses... Continue Reading →


Students Supporting Israel – University of Iowa

As a reminder of the event that the majority of my content revolves around, this past summer I participated on a program called Birthright - a non-profit educational organization that sponsors free 10-day long heritage trips to Israel for young adults of Jewish descent. My group traveled all around the country during those 10 days... Continue Reading →

Israel’s Best: A Guide to Iced Coffee

College students are pretty much wired to have caffeine addictions. From early morning lectures to late nights at the library, and the occasional craving to cure that hangover, we desperately need those daily k-cups or drives through the Starbucks window. Now I will also be the first to admit that even though I basically need... Continue Reading →

Q&A on the Israel Defense Forces

    This past summer I took advantage of my birthright and participated in a 10 day immersion of travel, religion and culture throughout Israel. I joined an organization called Shorashim, which sponsors these excursions and schedule of events, and on May 24th arranged for our group of 40 young adults to fly from Chicago... Continue Reading →

Birthright vs. Taglit

As I will extensively mention, this summer I participated in a program called Birthright - which sponsors free 10 day long trips to Israel for young adults of Jewish heritage. I always knew about the opportunity, but the option became more realistic during my sophomore year of college. At that point I had been away... Continue Reading →

Mazel Tov, You’re a Woman!

    To me, Hummus Where the Heart Is has become a place for personal reflection and immersion of the Jewish culture into my everyday life. And today, October 2nd, 2018 marks the 8 year anniversary of my traditional B’nai Mitzvah, a sacred occasion to take my place as an adult in the Jewish community.... Continue Reading →

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