5 Tips To: Traveling Abroad

As the semester comes to an end, I have vastly reflected on my cultural immersion and 18 day travel experience to Israel this past summer. Which is why I am also so thankful and excited to have the opportunity to spend the next 4 months studying in Florence, Italy and ultimately traveling throughout the rest... Continue Reading →

5 Reasons To: Take Advantage of Your Birthright

As part of a quick blogging series for Hummus Where the Heart Is, I will begin touching on some of the Top 5 & most important lessons relating to my Birthright experiences, abroad travel and ventures into Judaism. Birthright Israel was one of the most amazing experiences that left a profound impression on me; impacting... Continue Reading →

Homemade Hummus Recipe

With Thanksgiving this Thursday, Fall Break has commenced at the University of Iowa and I made my journey home to Deerfield, Illinois this week to celebrate the holiday with my family and enjoy some time together. One year ago my mom got remarried to my step dad, Tim, and if there’s 1 thing everyone needs... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Israeli Songs

Israeli music, much like the people, is hard to define! With varying genres, styles, languages and slang used - here is my opinion on songs that have crushed the Israeli charts! Golden Boy / Nadav Guedj Released in 2015, Golden Boy was written and chosen to represent Israel in the annual Eurovision Song Contest. This... Continue Reading →

My Internship at JCC Chicago

At the University of Iowa I am focusing on the study of Journalism and Mass Communications, and over the past 2 years my specific interest toward the field of public relations and marketing has been clarified. Thus last semester, my journey began of looking for internships that fulfilled those goals for the summer of 2018.... Continue Reading →

Israel’s Best: 3 Best Hikes

The best part about Israel… its amazing views. And from sand and oceans to beaches and deserts, I saw it all on my 10-day journey around Israel. When registering for Birthright through the Shorashim trip organizer program, they planned out our complete itinerary of housing, transportation and excursions for the whole time!! Prior to my... Continue Reading →

Addressing Personal Anti-Semitism

Hummus Where the Heart Is has grown to be a place of self-reflection, a creative outlet, emotional relief and so much more. Since I began this journey I have worked specifically to incorporate the ideals of Judaism into my life and activities as often as I can, and each day I am prouder to be... Continue Reading →

Reflection of Pittsburgh Massacre

While this isn’t the subject of content I originally planned for this week, this is the crazy spontaneity of the world, and this week it is in regards to a tragedy. On Saturday, 11 people were killed in an attack of anti-semitism in Pittsburgh. I am in shock at the hatred toward our community and... Continue Reading →

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